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PopUpMessage in Primary Interface


I’ve been working for a few weeks on an application that connects via socket through the primary interface with a CB3 robot (currently, i am using ursim 3.14). Now I am trying to receive “PopUpMessages”:

int messageSize
unsigned char messageType=MESSAGE_TYPE_ROBOT_MESSAGE=20
uint64_t timestamp
char source
char robotMessageType=ROBOT_MESSAGE_TYPE_POPUP=2
unsigned int requestId
unsigned int requestedType
bool warning
bool error
bool blocking
uint8_t popupMessageTitleSize
charArray popupMessageTitle
charArray popupTextMessage

I use the attached documents on Remote Control Via TCP/IP - 16496 to know the structure of each package.

While trying to receive this type of package, I noticed that robotMessageType value of PopupMessage is 9 instead of 2. Is that possible?

I know that there is another type of MESSAGE_TYPE_ROBOT_MESSAGE that has robotMessageType = 9 (RequestValueMessage), but it isn’t this one, it is a PopupMessage, because i can get all the information of PopupMessages showed above.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something related with the documentation, correct me if it is the case.

Also, I would like to point that the ValueTypes in excel are not updated, while in the pdf file they are.

Thank you for your time!