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Working without sub task in UR-Caps

Hi, I have a little problem with this two UR-Caps Plugins that I write. The Gripper is connected to the tool output. The gripper need two bits. One bit for open and the second bit for closing the gripper. For opening the gripper, I have to reset the closing bit, then waiting 200ms. After this time, I have to setting the bit for opening I have to wait 500ms. For closing the gripper, the same, only the bits are changed.

The two UR-Cap works. But when I’m using the Cap, it makes a yellow sub task in the program tree. I have to write a sync or a comment in this sub task.

Can somebody help me by this problem? What make I wrong?

Greifer.zip (20.6 KB)

Just from your description, it sounds as if you have an statement under your program node?
If this is the case, then it is due to the program node (in the ProgramNodeService) is set to allow children isChildrenAllowed().
In your case, for the gripper command, I would assume the command should not contain children, but just be a leaf node. In this case, you should set that method to return false, so no children are allowed.

Thanks jbm,

i think this is my problem. i try it on monday.

I try it. It works. This was the Problem.

Thanks jbm.

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