Why are the X/Y arrows wrong in TCP position move?

So let’s say I home the arm. The cable is sticking out the back, the shoulder and elbow blue joint caps are facing me. This is all hunkey dorey. When I’m using the “View” tab to move the arm, the TCP move forward/backwards left/right corresponding with the arrow keys on the “TCP Position” menu.

However, I’d rather use the base move feature. This way I know I’m moving my arm relative to the base. When I switch it to “Base” move feature, it rotates my view by 90 degree clockwise, so I’m now looking at the right side profile of the arm. The TCP position arrow keys now show Y as left/right and X as forwards/backwards (!???!!?!). So say I want to move the TCP to the right, I’d naturally click on the right arrow. This however is “Y+” and moves the arm backwards. It’s technically correct as Y+ relative to the base is the direction of the cable sticking out. But in the move menu, it makes no sense at all.

How to I change this so it makes sense, or in other words, the X and Y labels correspond with the proper arrow keys?

The “View” frame is relative to the graphic in the middle. If you drag that graphic around, your arrows will move differently. “Base” is defined as the cable coming out of the base of the robot as Y+, Z+ is up, and right-hand-rule then dictates that X+ is at the back. If you’d like the change this, you just need to teach a Feature in your installation tab. This lets you define your coordinate system however you’d like. You cannot change the orientation of the built-in Base feature. Just be sure to select your newly taught Feature when jogging.

I have the same question, I basically want to swtich the Y and X axis. How do I set that in a new coordinate system ?`


Sounds like you both would benefit from the free e-learning, specifically the one that details Feature coordinates.


Tap the newly created Plane and click Edit

Switch rotation to RPY degrees, and put either 90 or -90 in for RZ. That will rotate the frame however you’d like.

Alternatively, you can use the “Teach this Frame” button and follow the on-screen wizard.



I’m not sure you’re understanding me properly. . . let me try to explain it better. The X+/- arrows are on the front and back arrows of the move page, the Y+/- arrows are on the left/right arrows. No matter the orientation of my planes, tools, or base, those labels never change. Why the labels be backwards??

I have planes set up so that X is physically L/R and Y is F/B, and they of course correspond to the labels X & Y, just not the directions of the arrows that are pointing in the TCP move. When I set up a plane so that X is F/B and Y is L/R, the position arrows are STILL in the same spot, and they “happen” to align with correct axis, however the labels are still wrong.

If I’m not understanding you correctly, disregard this post. :slight_smile:

I have 2 URs set up for CNC machine tending. One sits with the pallet to the side, the other has the pallet directly in front.

Both cables on the bases of the URs point at my machines. My machines have X, Y and Z axis just like the robot. With the cords on the bases pointing at the machine, both URs have the same X, Y and Z travel directions as the CNCs. That’s exactly how I want it.

On both URs I have to stand sideways to the machine to get the X, Y and Z move buttons to align with the actual directions the robot moves.

Try this: When you’re facing the robot like you said in the OP with your TP in your hands in front of you, turn your body 90° CCW and that should line up your buttons with the robot movement.

I do not think it’s possible to change this since it is hard coded to the base. You’d have to add a new plane as Eric mentioned.

Facing the front of the robot does not align the arrows correctly. Facing it from this direction does.

Since that matches my CNC I like it that way.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Might be hard to see due to file size requirements, but the start of this gif is me holding X+ while Base is selected. I’m standing at the front of the cart, so the tool moves towards me.

Then I rotate the pendant and stand on the Left Hand side of the cart. I switch the Feature to be LH_Side, which has its orientation such that X+ is towards the LH side of the cart. So when I AGAIN hold X+, the tool STILL moves towards me, despite me now being on the left side.

I may definitely be misunderstanding your dilemma here, but it sounds like your issue is that the X arrows on the pendant point up and down and the Y points left to right. If you’re comparing this to, say, some math class where your 2D graph has X running left to right, then I guess you can say this is “backwards” but in reality it’s arbitrary and you can define direction/position however you want.