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Visual Studio Code URscript

hi guys,

until now i was writing my code on the notepad at the pc. now i got bigger codes i want to debug it in the pc first before uploading it at the cobot.

I looked arround the forum and found an exstension for URscript on Visual Studio Code. downloaded both but when i ran my script i had the following message:


does anyone have a manual or video how to use URscript on Visual Studio Code and resolve this or anny other debuging method?

Thanks in advance,


I have used this very well.
But I think this is only for editing and it is not possible to debug by this extension.

We use the extension from Ahern and it works really well. Does code formatting as well as auto-complete. You can find it on the marketplace at URScript - Visual Studio Marketplace

Also, we have developed and open sources tools for bundling scripts into a single file, running unit tests as well as just executing script so you can test ideas. You can find that at GitHub - Hirebotics/urscript-tools