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Urscript syntax-highlighter for atom

I hope this may be of interest to someone:

I have made a start on a syntax-highlighter for atom, to make editing urscript a bit easier on the eyes.
it can be found as urscript-formatter in atom, and i’ll be looking to improve it when I have the time

Apologies if this is not the place for this


sometimes I just rename my urscipt file with .py extension to use the python syntax highlighter.

We use VSCode for our script development and use this plugin for VSCode which is pretty good, not totally complete but most of the way there.

Also, I know in Atom you can extend an existing language linter to accept URScript, I have done this with a Python linter before so that URSCript would get syntax highlighting but there are some language differences between then two and it would throw some errors that you could just ignore