Vacuum Gripper attach to ur5 cb3 control via ROS2

I am trying to make a application using Schmalz vacuum gripper in ur5 cb3 which can be control via ROS2.

I come across a ros service available in ur5_robot_driver to set i/o. But I am wondering whether there is any workaround using tool flang to make communication with the gripper because I found tool communication here

through rs458 in ur5_robot_driver but its is only for ur5 e-series.

It would be really helpful if someone guide me on this.
Thank you

The RS485 interface only exists for e-series robots. However, I assume that a vacuum gripper only has a digital state? So, using I/O ports shoult be feasible, right? (The tool connector also has I/O ports).

I also think I/O ports should be right one. I haven’t tested the gripper yet but I assume the gripper have digital states. I am trying the gripper similar to this one FQE Xc 120x60 SW80 SPB2 > Area Gripping Systems and End Effectors | Schmalz
Is it possible to read analog pressure value of gripper through tool I/O ports? If you any technical details related to tool I/O can you share it. I am just trying find the possible ways to do before actually developing the application.

The service which ur5 provide to set I/O is here

The first line says Service allows setting digital (DIO) and analog (AIO) IO, as well as flags and configuring tool voltage. It’s doesn’t specify tool I/O (TIO) does it going to work I am not sure about this.
Thank you

You can set the Tool I/Os by calling this with function fun=1 and pin=16 (or 17 respectively).

Reading the analog pressure will not be possible, but from what I can see by quickly looking at the gripper’s documentation, it only provides an on/off switch as explained on page 26.

@mauch Thank you for your help and guidance. Its really helpful. Will try to make the gripper work through this way. What’s possible way for reading analog value from sensor into ROS through ur5