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Using UR Log Viewer to retrieve TCP force in Tool frame


Is it possible to retrieve TCP force data in Tool Frame coordinate system directly from the UR Log Viewer?

From my understanding of the documentation and this post Get force and torque values in tool coordinate system - 44911 , TCP force data is relative to the base frame and could be converted to the Tool Frame with some simple script code.

However, I assume this frame transformation (Base to Tool) is useful when retrieving data from the RTDE which I am currently not familiar with… So, coming back to my original question: any way retrieve this data via UR Log Viewer (which I find pretty simple to use)?

Note: I am using a UR10 e-series

Many thanks!

You can assign the values of the Tool Frame force/torque to 6 output_double_register_
X (floating point data) general purpose registers. You would probably do this in a thread on the robot side at whatever rate you need it up to 500 Hz.