Using palletizing template in switch case

I’m trying to build a program using the switch function to allow for changing of pallet configuration without having to change the program. I’m using an assignment to select the case but everytime I run it, the program will run through the palletizing template once (set for depalletizing so it unloads one box) then ask for the case again (pop up appears from assignment function). Can anyone help? I’m not sure what I’m missing or need to do differently.

Post an example of your program tree.

Without seeing what you’re doing the first thing that comes to mind is move the Assignment node to the Before Start area so it only runs at the beginning of the program and not after it loops through the pallet to start over.

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As mentioned by fuknrekd, you should move your Assignemnt with operator input to the Before Start. You can enable Before Start by highlighting Robot Program and enable Before Start at the bottom in the Command tab.

The UR functions such as Pallet work by looping the whole program by standard. And the robot will also loop its whole sequence, when it reaches the end of the sequence. This can be disabled the same place you enable Before Start. :slight_smile:

The palletizing function does however need to be looped one way or another. You can also put your whole Switch function inside a loop, and you won’t need the Before Start anymore.

Thanks for your help! Introducing another loop has fixed the issue, managed to get it up and running this morning