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Using command speedl() on joystick

Hello, I am trying to connect UR5e with 3D joystick. The continuous movement is made with the help of speedl() and speedtool(). But i am facing issues with these commands.

robo.speedl([-0.0, 0.0327301025391, 0, -0.0, 0.09999694824220001, 0] ,0.1, 1) {Spatial vector, speed, time}

When I execute this command, error pops in the teach pendant stating Type error: speedl() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘tmin’.

What is the right way to use speedl() command and other ways of accomplishing this task

Is it the script command “speedl” you are using?

In that case the documentation looks like this:

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Sorry. It was a problem with URX package. I recitifed it.
Is there any other function like speedl for TCP movement

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