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Speedl command generating jerky trajectory

Hi everyone,
As of version 5.6 we are encountering some problems with the speedl command. In past versions one could loop a speedl command, and the robot would move smoothly with the given speed. That does not seem to be the case anymore, as the robot generates a rather jerky trajectory. If the robot is allowed control of the motion for e.g. 0.5 seconds, it will make a short stop for every 0.5 seconds. We have experimented with different parameter sets, but all of them gives the same behavior.

Have anyone encountered this problem as well? Or are we misunderstanding the use of speedl?

The problem can be reproduced by the following script command, in an otherwise empty UR program that just loops:


Best regards,

The issue is verified. And will be fixed in next release of Polyscope.

That sounds great, thank you.

Unfortunately this is also in 3.12 which is now a “required” upgrade for CB3.