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URTool3 cross-compiler: enviroment variables gone!

Hi I some how managed to delete these enviroment variables:
these I need to build my c++ daemon.
I ran dpkg -i urtool3*.deb
but the enviroment variables aren’t restored,
the simple question is what do they point to?
I know that URTOOL_ROOT points to /opt/urtool-(version)
Actually I want to know what the content of URTOOL_TARGET is, so that i can cross-compile.


Try URTOOL_TARGET="i686-unknown-linux-gnu-"
This is from our older documentation but might work. It’s a prefix for cross compiler executables.
URTOOL_ROOT should point to urtool directory.

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Hello Thank you!, I also added /opt/urtool-3.0/bin to PATH, which also did the trick :slight_smile:

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