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URSIM URScript Socket Commands Return Value Incorrect

Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced a problem when using URScript commands like socket_open on URSIM where the return value is always false?
Socket is opened successfully and I’m able to use but the error checking is incorrect.

Tried on a real Robot it works as expected.

hi warren.james,

on which ursim version/sdk (cb/e-series)?


sdk 1.10.0 / ursim-5.8.0 => ok

Hi Mike,

thanks for taking the time.
I’m on ursim 5.8 - sdk 1.9 although I’m not using one of the VM’s.

I have a setup running on WSL which is generally really good but I suspect it’s related to this in some way.
Maybe a common linux package is used to achieve socket messages which is on an older version / incompatible version or something like this. I’m not sure. To solve this I think I’d need to know the inner workings a little more.