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URScript Command: get_tool_speed_limit()


URScript Command: get_tool_speed_limit()

What is it?

A URScript function that returns the tool speed limit set in the installation.
if the robot is in “reduced mode” it should return the reduced value.

Why is it needed?

This function would be really nice when working with code that calculates/manipulates the speed of the arm, on the go.
I my case it comes from the need to synchronize a movement on a 7th-axis with some arm movement, and I simply want to give a warning if the chosen combinations of pose and rail movements isn’t possible to synchronize, because of safety limits.
Because, if the calculated tool speed given to a movel/movep exceeds the safety-limit, the arm will still move, but just at the safety limit, which is slower than needed for the synchronization to be perfect, causing an unexpected behavior and gives rise to nothing but confusion for the end user.

Additional URScript Command

Another nice to have functionality, which is kind of similar, would be.
“get_tool_force_limit()” which I imagine would be equally nice when using “force mode” and could, when combined with the payload be helpful for choosing accelerations.