URCap Sample: Program Monitor

Program Monitor

Description of functionality:
This URCap monitors the executing robot program, and logs any extremities eg. along the X or Y axis in the Base feature.
The sample can be used to evaluate the workspace area of the robot for a given program.

What topics are covered:
Daemon, XMLRPC, InstallationNode, JTabbedPane

URCap API v. 1.3.0

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I tried to run this sample in StarterPackage 1.11.0 but I get this error:
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/home/ur/ursim/ursim-': Permission denied
and the installation node view is stuck on Monitoring status: Initializing...
How can I solve this?

Hi @a.mora,

It seems to be a permission issue. I am assuming you can fix it by running
$chmod -R 777 /home/ur/ursim/
in the terminal.