Urcap running in the background that reading TCP and manipulating IOs


I am new to URCap development.
I am trying to develop an Urcap that would have the following functions:

  • Continuous operation once the URCap is active
  • Real time reading of the TCP
  • Manipulation of outputs (configurable outputs if possible) according to TCP values.

Thanks to the program GitHub - BomMadsen/URCap-getRobotData: URCap that reads a message from the Universal Robots (UR) Realtime Client on TCP port 30003.. I am able to read the TCP values in real time. However, I don’t know which URCap in the Installation tab is running continuously?

Also, I am unable to manipulate the I/O as in the LightUP URCap in the tutorial by calling the function writer.appendline(“set_standard_digital_out(0,True)”) for example.

Do you have any advice or tips to give me in order to achieve my goal?

With kind regards,
Ted Morell