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UR3 wrist rotates 360 degrees between two points

While running a program from Waypoint A to Waypoint B, UR3 wrist rotates 360 degrees for some reason that I cant figure out why. But the same two waypoints, when I do it through the polyscope, it moves fine without rotating. The two points are pretty close to each other. Any ideas what causes this behavior?

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For those who are interested, finally figured this out. When you look at a way point, since UR3 has a full 360 rotation note for the sign that shows how many rotations have occurred. The reason it occurred for us is because one waypoint had 1R and second had 2R. When you move through polyscope, the robot does not rotate the wrist but when you run it as a program, the wrist rotates a complete 360 deg.

Thank you for sharing the findings!

I have the same problem. But robot works in reduced workspace and bears a pneumatic hose so I need to rotate the wrist predictably (the same way as it runs in Polyscope), otherwise the robot hits wall or winds the hose around wrist.
It here any schedule when will be that “bug” repaired?

Hi @MarianToth, are you aware of the reset_revolution_counter() script function? You can use this to force the wrist counter to a required value.


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