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UR3 Screw bug, ghosting between different instances


I found a bug for URCap, which it also happen to URCap that i created.

I will use the UR3 Screwing URCap to demonstrate the bug

First insert UR3 Screw node into program,

after that i make some change on parameters,

then i continue to insert other node into program,

then i insert another UR3 screw node into program,however in the command tab we can see that the parameter is set as same as first UR3 screw node which make it seem like the changes make in first UR3 screw node had been carry over. I did not make changes for this node yet since it is still no defined. Note that the text field for DIstance is disabled as well

then i make some changes on second UR3 screw node. Note that the node is define after making changes

when i check back the first UR3 screw node, the changes make in second UR3 screw node affect the first UR3 screw node.

even after i exit this program with no save and create a new program, previous changes in any UR3 screw node will be carry over to current one.

it seem like the parameters are shared among all UR3 screw node. it will be bad if we cannot insert multiple same urcap with different parameter in the program.

how to solve this problem? i also encounter such problem since i have a urcap that include checkbox and radio button to make selection.


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I have split this post into a new topic, as the “samples” topic should only contain downloadable samples.

However you are very right, as there was a bug in this version of the URCap sample.
This happens as there is only loaded one instance of the GUI, ant the node uses the GUI inputs to retrieve the data.
For storing the settings seperately for each node, all data should be saved in the DataModel and re-posted on the openView() call.

I will post the updated URCap shortly.