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UR16e ROS Driver Support

Hi @jbm,

I don’t see any support for the 16e in the Github repository. Will that be added?

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Basically, the biggest thing missing is the description missing on https://github.com/ros-industrial/universal_robot/tree/kinetic-devel/ur_e_description.

I’ll have a look at this.

Alright, thanks for that.

Sounds great mauch, Do you have any eta on this issue?

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I started working on that, but it doesn’t have the highest priority for me, currently. Mesh extraction and reduction takes up a lot of time for me, as I am no expert in that field. Therefore I cannot give an estimate on this, currently.

Fair enough, thanks for the reply though.

We’re still interested in an ETA on this issue.

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+1 to the list of interested parties here too