UR Sim and Windows 11 - VirtualBox Incompatible with WSL2?

I’ve been tracking down kernel panics trying to run UR Sim in VirtualBox on a recent build of Windows 11, similar to what’s described here:


I fixed it, but I had to disable the “Virtual Machine Platform” which is apparently used by Windows Subsystem for Linux 2


Apparently this is a known issue:


I had UR Sim working before Build 22581, but I think maybe it was not running with hardware virtualization.

If anyone has a solution to run WSL2 and UR Sim at the same time with hardware virtualization, please let me know. Maybe another VM platform? Or complete and correct instructions for installing UR Sim in WSL2, which was a confusing disaster on Ubuntu 20.04 :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, I thought maybe this post might help others in the robotics community who might have WSL2 enabled on Windows and want to use UR Sim.

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