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UR Controller MAC Address


How can I know the MAC Address of the Ethernet Card of an UR Controller?

Hi, there are a number approaches to this… you can see the MAC address for “eth0” in the command line output of “ifconfig”, but presumably you want to access it within a running program? Do you have a python/C++ daemon running or you’re looking to do it in Java?

As the UR controller is running a linux system, you can find a lot of useful info on google by substituting “UR controller” with “Linux” in your search terms… i.e. “get mac address java linux”.

We have bought a couple of UR robots that are delivered to different sites in the world.

To prepare of IT infrastructure to support remote access we need the MAC addresses for the different robots.

Is it possible to get the MAC addresses from the serial numbers of the robots?

MAC address is not tied to robot serial number.

It is printed on a sticker attached to the control board ethernet socket. You have to remove control board cover to be able to read it.
Alternatively you can connect USB keyboard to TP, and go to console (CTRL+ALT+F1), log in, and type ifconfig eth1 command. MAC address would be after HWaddr:.

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