Three planes intersecting at a point


I have three semi-arbitrary planes that, if extended, touch at a point (similar to the walls & roof of a room meeting at a point - the corner). I am able to measure where these three planes are using my UR10e - I then want to move the TCP to the “corner” where these three planes meet, but I can’t think of how to do this within the confines of a UR script.

I am able to find this intersection point using Python via the numpy.linalg.solve function. For any three non-parallel planes, I can find the point at which they intersect. I have a simple python file I can share that does this (however I am not allowed to upload it due to this being a new account).

I suspect that I’m about to be told to just do the algebra within a UR script… but before I commit a week to this, if anyone has something a bit easier that seems similar to my problem, any help would be appreciated!


Someone else here will hopefully be able to help a bit more, but you can definitely execute python code on the robot somehow, I’ve just never done it. Then you can just use your python script to generate the point as a 6 value array [x, y, z, rx, ry, rz] and pass that into a MoveL or MoveJ or whatever. So in the meantime, you may find results faster by googling around for how to execute python code. Probably some good stuff on the forum too