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Communication Server/Client


I’m trying to do a communication between my robot URe3 and an apllication in c#

The robot must be the server and the application the client.

I have read that it’s not possible to do this in TCP/IP otherwise, the robot will be the client. Is this right ?

In this case, I will make this communication with Modbus protocole.
But I would like to know if ther is a possibility to communicate with the robot but without registers. I know I can communicate with the read_register() and the write_register() function. But I would like to communicate with something like a socket in TCP/IP. Is this possible or not ?

Thanks for your answer


At the moment it’s not possible to make the robot a server for socket (TCP/IP) communication and tbh I don’t think it will ever be.
Your options are the following:

  • use modbus
  • create a daemon using the UR SDK to act as a server on the robot and use RPC to communicate with the daemon
  • create the server in your application and use the robot as a client

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