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TCP in Move Tab changes in the middle of performing a Tool Move


I am currently doing some testing that involves starting from a single position and moving specified amounts in the tool direction. The starting position is the same every time, and I use an LMove command in the program to move to this position each time before performing the tool move. This LMove is performed with the TCP I would like to use to move with for the tool move(call it TCP_1) and the Base feature.

To move I use the Move tab and click on the Tool coordinate fields. The name displayed above these fields when I click on them is the proper TCP I want to use (TCP_1). I switch the feature to Tool and enter the amount I want to move in the tool direction. It then takes me to the “move here” page where you can press the auto button to move the proper distance. However, often times when I press the auto button, it at first starts moving the right direction but then stops. When I try to push auto again, it starts moving to a very different location. When I cancel the move, I am taken back to the move tab which now shows “Active TCP” instead of “TCP_1.” So, I believe it is somehow switching the TCP when I go to do the auto move.

My question is, is this a bug, or is this something that I am doing improperly? Is there a way to avoid this issue? It doesn’t happen every time, but a lot of the time, and I have yet to find the reason why.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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