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Set TCP based on Digital Input

I have a application where I will need to have a tool change within my program. Is there a way to change the TCP based on a certain DI? I am using DI0 and DI1 for detecting which tool is currently active on my UR. Thanks

Assuming this is just as part of a regular polyscope program, then I would suggest just using a thread which assesses the state of your inputs and sets the TCP accordingly using a normal set node.

Agreed with above, although you might need some flag handshaking. Changing the TCP during an active move will probably fault.

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Thanks for the replys.

@sam.hilton Thats what i thought, but i always have issues with threads, i will try again.

@terryc It wouldnt be during an active move, i have an automatic tool changer on my setup so i will be able to insert a wait command to avoid this. But thanks for the information!

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