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String with quotation mark


is there a possibility to send a quotation mark via socket_send_string()?

I tried " " " but it didn’t work.

Thank You!

Try with \ " (without space between) that should result in just the quotation mark

Hi michael,

i tried to allocate a string:="\ “”, but the allocation was not accepted.

I also tried ’ " ', but that also did not work.


There currently isn’t a way to do this, however you can accomplish the same task using this workaround: socket_send_string(popup((str_cat("’’",“test”)),"’’")))

where " ’ ’ " - with no spaces is used instead of double quotes.

If you need the quation to be a string to send to some sort of external device you can test: socket_send_string(to_str("’’")) using the same method I mentioned above- " ’ ’ "


Hope this helps.


Is it a requirement that you use socket_send_string() to send the quotation? I ask because there’s a support article on the support site (here: https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/how-to/ur-how-tos/send-a-quotation-mark-via-socket-communication-45059/) that talks about this. Instead it discusses using socket_send_byte() which allows the use of ASCII characters. Hopefully this will help by giving another potential option.


thanks inu and dsh for the solutions.

We use Polyscope V3.7, that´s why I cannot use inu`s solution. The string manipulation functionalities are in V3.8.

Socket_send_byte(34) is working for me. I wanted to send data in json-format, to meet the requirements of our customer, a quotationmark is needed in this context.