Startup stuck in Violation C191A1 - how to get into recovery mode

Hi there,

I’m having a problem that the Ur5 won’t enter recovery mode after starting in violation (C191A1: Safety system violation: joint position limit violated)

But when I start our UR5 and click “On” on the polyscope, I get a whirring sound in the arm and it shows a dialog of the safety violation immediately and no recovery mode. (I can then restart but it is exactly the same again)

The logs also show this:

C4A93 - Packet counter disagreement in packet from processor A to joints

Any tips? Is there a way of manually putting it in Recovery mode?

Software is version 3.10


Try creating new installation, and choose to reset all safety settings.
This however looks like hardaware issue.

We largely solved this by taking the covers off the affected joint and unlocking the brake manually, when we could then return it to the correct range.

There may be other issues around our arm, but this got us going again and everything seems to be relatively normal.