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Start or stop with another cobot


We have two UR10e and they working will be working on quality checking. On of them is picking up the parts, moving and rotating around while the another cobot has a KEYENCE sensor on it and checking the part for any displacement or errors.

At the moment I am trying to write a program to show them how it will work, but i cannot find any information how can i start both programs from one teach pendant.
They connected via ethernet cable and using modbus for sensor program change.

Thanks in advice,

Hi @levente.jozsa,

Welcome to the forum! On one of the robots you shall go to the installation->Starup and to the following

  • Select the program to start
  • Input & edge to trig Auto Start & Auto Initialize
  • The Input can either be a general purpose boolean accessible via fieldbus or digital inputs

On the other robot, you shall add a before start where you is triggering the inputs on the first robot.

I hope that will guide you in the direction of a solution.

Success, thank you for your help.