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How to Pilot Urx only whith IO exchanges


In first : I am french and I would give all my appologizes for my very low level in english.

I have an Ur3e Cobot, This cobot use are very very simple : It must move a Sick camera inspector near a Gearbox to verify a previous manual operation.

I have succed to program appropriate moves.

I can start, stop programm…

But How to assign for exemple :
“remote mode” to an output channel ?
"Ready mode "to an output channel ?
“protection status” to an output channel ?
Every other system status ?

This cobo will be in interface with a Schneider/Modicon TSX57 Series and we dont have much solutions to add communications interfaces. An it’s not the wish of th final client. The solution must be the more simple possible.


You can create a thread (see User Manual) to monitor these statuses and set outputs on/off depending on the status. If it helps with bandwidth, you could use the 16 I/O states as bits. Alternatively a third party Modbus I/O module could be added to increase the number of channels available.

You will need to monitor the dashboard server (see support website) for the remote/local state.


I can’t make a text communication with the robot with my PLC it’s too old, we must have with this PLC a precise Ethernet reference. It’s no longer manufactured.

I Have another problem :
How can I make an real automatic start of a program :
-With a complete restart I have sysmaticly the pop up “move the robot to the position” even if the robot is int the good position.

-With an emergency stop, the program does not restart it stay in “pause”…

The actual configuration is
Autoinit TRUE with and IO at LOW
Autorun TRU with another IO at LOW

Up !!

I must create new topic for a quick reply ?

I think this will take care of your communications issues. UR+ | Robot27 Connect

You are correct, you cannot start the robot when in an e-stop condition. That would violate the e-stop safety requirements. The estop must be cleared before the program can start.