Stack Pointer Question

Good evening,

I wanted to know if the UR3e polyscope offers some type of stack pointer and a “go to” command to be able to navigate through the code.

Thank you for your time.

I’m new to UR myself, but from what I learned up till now, if there is a stack pointer (I’m sure there is one) it’s hidden from the programmer and there is no goto. Doesn’t one of the other control structures do for you, like SubProg (gosub :-)) for example?

I want to be able to track my position so that after leaving an inner loop suddenly I can go back to where I left off without having to restart the entire program.
Thank you for your time!

Isn’t that, what sub-programs are used for?

Take a look at this post:

You can use this as a sort of “go to/label” method. This gets around the limitation of being unable to call a subprogram from inside a subprogram as well.