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Speed up URSim / Time step for fast testing

We have developed a vision system URCap and we want to test it in a simulated environment. The camera is mounted on the robot flange so we need a moving robot to test the behavior. What we want is to use ursim to generate robot’s trajectory and update the joint position. This information would be then forwarded to another simulator in which a virtual camera is attached to a virtual UR robot so we can take pictures of a custom build scene.

However, this simulation process would long be because ursim moves in “realtime” i.e. a second in the simulator is a second in real life.

Would it be possible to change the time step of the simulation in order to accelerate it?




I am not sure this can be fully acheived.
However if you start the URControl process directly off the command line, you have a few parameters to tweak.

Navigate to the directory where URControl is places, and execute ./URControl --help to see possible arguments.

The -d argument would be the one to investigate.
You can then execute a given script program, and sample data from e.g. the RTDE port.

Ok thanks. I’ll give it a try and keep you informed.

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