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Small Mechanical Model of UR-Robots

I’m searching for a small mechanical model of the UR10, UR5 and UR3-Robots. I have a small robot from another robot Manufacturer. It was a gift at a fair. It is very cool to test the movement of the robot, before planning a new application.
Has anyone already created a CAD file with movable axes, that can I print in a 3D-Printer.


try robodk software.

Hi Michael,
Good question. I would also be interested in having a 3D ready to print for education.
Sincerly, Maxime

We have .STEP files available here:

But these are for the actual sizes of the robots.

You can find a desktop model available for purchase at our merchandise webshop: http://ur.baxxshop.com/

It is possible to pay with credit card, notice the price is ex. tax and in Danish currency

This looks really great. Can I move the Joints?

Yes, they are moveable.

Does this mechanical model also have the inertial parameters?

Or does anybody know where I can find them?

I mean the STEP files