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Setting Digital I/O in Wait Node

I need help creating a Wait node with a Digital I/O set. Here is a sample of what I have so far.

private void createJobSubTree() {

	ProgramNodeFactory programNodeFactory = apiProvider.getProgramAPI().getProgramModel().getProgramNodeFactory();

	try {

		final TreeNode rootNode = programModel.getRootTreeNode(this);

		TreeNode moveJToScrewPresenterTreeNode = folderTreeNode.addChild(moveJToScrewPresenter);

		WaitNode waitHere = createWaitNodeIO();
		TreeNode waitHereTreeNode = folderTreeNode.addChild(waitHere);

	} catch (Exception

	e) {
		throw new IllegalStateException("Could not add direction and until nodes to program tree", e);

private WaitNode createWaitNodeIO() throws InvalidExpressionException {

	DigitalIO presenterIO = getDigitalIO(getPresenterIOSelection());

	WaitNode waitNode = this.programNodeFactory.createWaitNode();
	WaitNodeConfigFactory waitConfig = waitNode.getConfigFactory();

	DigitalInputWaitNodeConfig ioConfig = waitConfig.createDigitalInputConfig(presenterIO, true);

	return waitNode.setConfig(ioConfig);


I know I’m missing something before the DigitalInputWaitNodeConfig in the WaitNode class, but I don’t know what.