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Set TCP before using the UserInterfaceAPI

To let the users define a certain waypoint with our URCap we chose to use the UserInterfaceAPI:

	UserInterfaceAPI uiapi = apiProvider.getUserInterfaceAPI();

	uiapi.getUserInteraction().getUserDefinedRobotPosition(new RobotPositionCallback() 

What would be the best way to set a specific TCP before the getUsierInteraction() command.

Thanks in advance!

As far as I know there isn’t a method in the URCap API.

When I needed the same functionality, I resorted to a socket and sending the “set_tcp(pose)” command through one of the interfaces.

Thank you for your answer mads.

Could the new function ‘RobotPositionCallback2()’ may be a solution here.

I read that with this function also the tcp-offset is returned.

One could then calculate back the Pose and JointPositions for the waypoint to the other specific TCP-frame.

Would this be a practicable way ?

That is one way to do it but there is no pose_inv/pose_trans in the URCap API so you either need to use a socket and calculate it with URScript or use/write a Java library that implements the same functions (e.g. Pose_trans and pose_inv functions in URCap).

Waypoint poses also change when switching TCPs and I wanted to avoid all that, so I force the TCP to be set to the needed one when adding and moving to positions. This shouldn’t be a problem if the calculations are done properly.

Yes, this is unfortunately true mads. I will use the formulas which UR discribed in its manual ‘Robotics in UR Robots’ which worked well already in some script-codes I use.