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Set preferred pose/configuration for stability through singularity

I would like to request a feature to change the preferred pose of the robot to avoid overspeeds and sanity check failures when passing through a singularity.

We frequently experience nuisance programming and integration issues when we need the robot to stay in one configuration (e.g., Wrist 1 down), but it tries to snap to another configuration (e.g., Wrist 1 up) as it passes through a singularity. If we had a way to set the preferred pose in the Installation and in the program, I think we could avoid almost all issues with protective stops and failed sanity checks at singularity positions.

In the meantime, Iā€™d be open to suggestions/workarounds.



I got around my singularity issues by scripting small steps to get to the final destination.
I know what the final location was and put a loop in place that would take small steps in the correct direction until the difference was less then a step, then it would take the difference to get to the final location.

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