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Servoj usage from initial to final joint value

I have two joint values, initial and final (q_init and q_final).
If I want to write an RTDE loop on the external device that uses servoj() to move from q_init to q_final how would I do it.
I want to keep the dt = 1/500 to be able to send commands in 500Hz but the movement is not like I want it to be.
I know that there are tons of threads on the forum about servoj but I can’t find one that has an example like I need.

Thank you for help


to use the servoj - Command you would need to split the initial movement from q_init to q_final into smaller pieces for each joint. Depending on how fast the trajectory should be you need the steps to be smaller or larger. Other than the different move-commands servoj does not contain an acceleration or de-acceleration ramp. This needs also to be taken into account by you.

In the following you can find a rough sample for a possible approach:

global qJoint0 = 0
global qJoint1 = 0
global qJoint2 = 0
global qJoint3 = 0
global qJoint4 = 0
global qJoint5 = 0
global targetJointAngle = [0,0,0,0,0,0]

thread getJointData():
  while ( True ):
    qJoint0 = read_input_float_register( ... )
    qJoint1 = read_input_float_register( ... )
    qJoint2 = read_input_float_register( ... )
    qJoint3 = read_input_float_register( ... )
    qJoint4 = read_input_float_register( ... )
    qJoint5 = read_input_float_register( ... ) 

thrdGetJointData = run getJointData()

def trajectoryWithServoJ():
  while( True ):
    targetJointAngle = [ qJoint0, qJoint1, qJoint2, qJoint3, qJoint4, qJoint5 ]
    servoj( targetJointAngle, 0, 0, 0.002, 0.1, 300  )


Please be cautious as I did not have run this code. Also the parameters provided in the servoj-Command are the sample ones. If you movement is not as intended, you can also adjust these within the given range.


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Thank you
Will try it out :slight_smile:


You can find a very simple example on how to use RTDE and servoj here:


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Would you be available for some questions regarding your github privately?
I would love to ask you some more specific question via mail or whatsapp whatever is more comfortable for you

You can write me to dalvar_5@yahoo.es

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Do you have some examples of URScript and Python code you could share used for using servoj() function ?
Material provided by @dalvarez is very helpfull but I think there might be a simpler way of doing what he did.