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Separation of Sub programs from the main program


Sub programs currently get integrated into the main program.
Having a large amount of sub programs integrated into the main program make the whole program very large. This has the effect of making the robot struggle to process all the necessary commands. It also makes the program script difficult to read.

What is it?

I would like to have them separate.

Why is it needed?

I have a Main program that calls individual sub programs based on some variables. to do different tasks.
the problem is I need many sub programs to a) keep the code tidy and to, b) ease programming each task.

It would be better if when a sub program is called it is opened when required and closed afterwards.

I agree. Every standard robot install I have done has a single Master Job, and from there we call a chain of jobs for each task. being restricted to Program/Subprogram makes it difficult to manage 15+ tasks.