Scriptsender & Scriptcommand classes suddenly stopped working

Hi all,

I made a method in the InstallationContribution that fetches the custom PMC functions a user implements and adds them as functions in the functionmodel and the urscript. I tested it and it worked good. After this I made a few extra functions in a Python backend which is in the same project. When I recompiled this it seems the Scripsender & Scriptcommand classes seem to have stopped working.

I want to make sure I am not missing something in my code? Am I using the Scriptcommand and sender correctly?

Here is my crude method:

public void addFunctionsForAssignment() {
		SQLite sql = new SQLite();
		//selects all the columns from read table and puts it in seperate arraylists
        ArrayList<String> listForNames = sql.selectColumnFromTable(getFileName(), Tables.READ, "pmc_name", "string");
        ArrayList<String> listForAddressTypes = sql.selectColumnFromTable(getFileName(), Tables.READ, "address_type", "string");
        ArrayList<String> listForDataTypes = sql.selectColumnFromTable(getFileName(), Tables.READ, "data_type", "string");
        ArrayList<String> listForDataNumbers = sql.selectColumnFromTable(getFileName(), Tables.READ, "data_number", "string");
        FunctionModel functionModel = apiProvider.getInstallationAPI().getFunctionModel();
        final ScriptCommand executeCommand = new ScriptCommand();
        final ScriptSender sender = new ScriptSender();

		//for each name retrieved
		//loop below adds all the pmc functions defined in installpage as a function inside the script
		//this allows it to be used as an assignment in the program tree
		//example: var_1 = open_door()
    	for (int i = 0; i <= (listForNames.size()-1); i++){
			//assigns the values that belong together to the String vars
    		String nameFromList = listForNames.get(i);
    		String addressTypeFromList = listForAddressTypes.get(i);
    		String dataTypeFromList = listForDataTypes.get(i);
    		String dataNumbersFromList = listForDataNumbers.get(i);

    		nameFromList = nameFromList.replace(":", "_"); //need to replace WR:EXAMPLE to WR_EXAMPLE or else syntax error
			nameFromList = nameFromList.replace(" ", "_"); //need to replace WR:EXAMPLE to WR_EXAMPLE or else syntax error

			String functionName = String.format("def %s():", nameFromList); // results in def RD_EXAMPLE():
    		String backendCall = String.format("\t return cnc.rdpmc(%s, %s, %s)", addressTypeFromList, dataTypeFromList, dataNumbersFromList);
    		sender.sendScriptCommand(executeCommand); //adds the lines from executeCommand to the urscript

			//created the following:
			//def RD_EXAMPLE():
			//    return cnc.rdpmc(atype, dtype, dnumber)
    		try {
    			functionModel.addFunction(nameFromList); //adds the function to the functionmodel
    		}catch (Exception e) {
				// TODO: handle exception
    	//adds the lines to the executeCommand
    	executeCommand.appendLine("def readpmc(address, dataType, dataNumber):"); // Like ScriptWriter writer.appendline() 
    	executeCommand.appendLine("\t return cnc.rdpmc(address, dataType, dataNumber)");
    	sender.sendScriptCommand(executeCommand); //adds the lines from executeCommand to the urscript
		try {
			System.out.println("Generating function!");
			functionModel.addFunction("readpmc", "address", "dataType", "dataNumber");
		}catch (Exception e) {
			// TODO: handle exception