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Scrip communicator


I have a question. I must program a URCap to save six values from the Modbus.
For this i take the Script communicator sample from jbm. Now i have write this and it runs, but it need 5 seconds to update the value. Is this normal.
The Class Exporter and ScriptCommand is the same as the sample from jbm.
It is possible to do this faster?
This Method begins with work when i click a button and then it update 6 labels.

Thanks for help.


Now i do this with the Io’s about the Collection.


Now it is running without time problems.

I think the problem is the Exporter, it need an many time to send the command and read then the variable.

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I have noticed that the socket creation in Java takes a lot of time. If you create it only once and use it many times before closing it is faster.

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