Safe variables with an variable name

Hi folks,
due to the missing function of saving a position in a variable in Polyscope V3.15 I am trying to solve this for an easy setup later.

I thought to use global variables, so the main program can use those variables also. They are all the same syntax. An example is pos_xx. xx is the variable which defines the position.

By asking the user which pos he wants to change I have the pos as an variable. But how can I use this variable to save a position on this variable?

    local pActualTCP = p[0,0,0,0,0,0]

    xTargetPos = request_boolean_from_primary_client("Is the TCP on point?")  

    if xTargetPos:

        iPosToChange = request_integer_from_primary_client("Which Position do you want to change?")
        sPosToChange = to_str(iPosToChange)

        sPosToChangeValue = "pos_" + sPosToChange
        popup("Is " + sPosToChangeValue + " right?") 


        global 'HERE IS THE PROBLEM' = pActualTCP
        popup("That went smooth", title = "Success")

        popup("The program will be terminated", title = "Error", error = True, blocking = True)

Create an array to store the positions and use the operator’s input as the index.


Now you just get to struggle with the fact that UR still hasn’t implemented a way to initialize an array of a set size easily, nor do they have a dynamically sizable array.