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Runtime Interaction GUI elements

A “Run Program” URCap node
Addtion of a third node type, to display HTML GUI elements on the RUN screen,to allow users, while a program is running , to select options, set variables, etc… The aim is to extend the existing four rudimentary operator input options and to provide a richer, guided user experience in settings where users that lack a programming background.


I second the request.

Doing a work around with a second computer, Python code, and XMLRPC. Just need a couple of buttons to set, save, and load some variables.

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I would like to extend this request:

If the robot-program relies on input of this custom run-screen, e.g. input of certain variables or button-press or error acknowledge, it wouldn’t work when running the program in programming-mode.
I suggest a possibility to switch to this custom screen from a program-node (and automatically closing it when the program is stopped (and also (optional) via the program-node)).

For a good handling of this, it could also be necessary for the URCap to know if the robot-program is run from “Run program” or “Program Robot” (maybe another feature request).

It should also be capable to handle multiple URCaps.

I’ve made a little mockup to elaborate the use case a bit:

I invite other developers to share your opinions about this.

For us, such an extension would keep 4 of 5 (currently) of our URCaps alive (or keep at least the intended user experience), once the restriction concerning the blocking of custom overlays by UR finally apply.


Awesome, I would love to see it implemented.

I second the request.
It would also be very nice to implement widgets, that the programmer can place on the Run Screen. Widgets could be buttons for an input (Next part GO!) or a simple text field to show e.g. a part counter. The widgets could then be arranged by the programmer so that a simple user interface can be designed.

I’m thinking at Android home screens or Windows Tiles.


I also have a constant need for this. It’s a drawback to need to use a second HMI when everything is there, signals, a nice touchscreen etc…:-/

This is one of the most requested features on this forum. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this 1½ year old thread is asking for the same thing.


+1 to this feature request, this would simplify our current setup a lot. Does anyone know if the Devs have made any comments regarding the possible addition of this feature to URCaps?


We also need something like this for our URCaps for visual object recognition. We would like to show current camera image with detected object on this tab. It is important to have this visual feedback to check the functionality of the program.

This tab should be available in “Program Robot” (when the program is running) and “Run Program” modes.

I also agree that making this tab available for use in both “Program Robot” mode and “Run Program” mode would be very useful. We need to be able to show basic information, including images, and have available actions when a user presses a custom button.

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I second this request!

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Is there any news about this feature request? (for the Swing URCaps in particular)

I think the this request can be realized to form the custom dialog on each urcap by oneself.

How about my thought?

Yes, you can open a JFrame or JDialog and make it full-screen, but how can you be sure that popups (including safety ones), the “play from beginning/play from selection” window, keyboards, initialization screen, etc… will be in foreground with respect to the custom frame/dialog?
Moreover in this way you are creating an additional window, not a tab or panel which would better integrate in PolyScope.
However I agree that now this is the best workaround.

I often create custom window or dialog.
I have published the sample.

Ok thanks, I will check your sample.

Regarding the feature request, my use case would be slightly different. I have a program URCap at some point in the program, and I need the final operator (without programming skills) to be able to configure it WITHOUT entering in the Program tab. So I think the program URCap can read its configuration from an external file, and I want to create this file by means of a GUI in a panel. So this panel should be available somewhere in PolyScope. Until now only the a toolbar URCap can do this, but the area is too small.