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RTDE Input Recipe Will Not Connect

This bug appears to exist on both e-Series and CB-Series controllers from PolyScope version 3.12.1 and 5.8.2 to present.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Create an RTDE connection from a remote PC and configure and INPUT Recipe.
  • While the remote connection is still active, change the network settings on the robot.
  • SSH into the robot controller and executenetstat -t | grep 30004 notice that although the network interface was changed the socket to the previous connection was not closed.
  • Restart the robot controller andSSH in again and execute the same command. Notice that there is now an internal connection between tcp and tcp6 sockets on localhost (The RTDE interface on the robot is talking to itself).
  • Try to reconnect the RTDE INPUT recipe from the remote PC to send commands. Notice that, the recipe reports IN_USE for the field names due to the internal robot controller orphaned instance.

I would appreciate either a bug fix to this problem or a programmatic way to reset the RTDE interface remotely.

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