CLICK PLC Client Communication to Robot's Modbus TCP Server?

Hello - Has anyone used an Automation Direct CLICK PLC as a Modbus client to communicate to the robot’s Modbus server?

I am trying to use the CLICK PLC’s receive/send instructions to read coils. I am following this guide:

I am not having much luck though. I am able to have the robot act as the client and communicate with the CLICK PLC’s Modbus server, just not the other way around.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


What error code or colour does the Robot display on the Fieldbus Modbus page?

The UR has a limited number of Function codes available.

I just set this exact system up last week.
The addresses in the MODBUS server document are in DEC, Convert them to HEX to be used in the Click Receive function.

And if you do any with the Bits / words on the UR fieldbus setup, just note the address are off by 1. UR starts at 0, Click starts at 1.

For example, address 258 is robot status (stopped, idle, booting), convert to 102H and the click with read the status.