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Labview ethernet communication for dashboard server UI

we are trying to have a small UI on Labview 2016 for remote usage via dashboard server. i am able to send commands and see their effect immediately, but i dont seem to get any reply from the robot controller.
i have tried with socket test app and it works
in labview i have tried

  • looped twice to read data
  • keep looping and look for data
  • added “\n” twice
  • parallel loop to read Ethernet data
    nothing comes into the labview system from the robot. please suggest a solution, thanks


I am also working on an implementation of an interface for the UR in LabVIEW.

As first shot I implemented the “power on” function like this:

What I can see is, that you are waiting for 1024 bytes, but they won’t be received, so you will run into an “timeout” (I think error 56), This error is wired to all further functions, so the TCP VIs are not “executed”! For first tests, I would suggest to cleare the TCP error and just read the number of bytes that you expect to receive. You could also just remove the “timeout” error code from the wire.

On second sight I saw, that you close the tcp reference inside the loop. You should not close the reference if you still need it, or if you don’t open it again!


You can read from the Dashboard server char by char, and terminate, if you receive a newline/LF character.

i have just copied your vi, still i am not getting any data.

Did you change the string constant view to “’’ Codes Display”?

Are you sure, that the first read function ends without an error?

Do you get an error after the read and write VIs inside the loop?

Hi michele,

thanks for your solution. it really worked and we are going ahead with UI and control logic.

I would like to know what this data corresponds to Universal robot masterboard.
it remains same whenever it is run, even after restart.
i am just trying find a way to create a license for distributing the software
it is in Motherboard data these are last 4 bytes except

As the specification mentions, these values are used only internally by PolyScope.
They might be the same in any robot or change without notice, so I do not recommend using these in your application.

It might be more reliable to license based on the serial number or the robots Ethernet MAC address.

Thank you for a quick reply,
your suggestion solved my requirement