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Robotiq Wrist Camera Live Data Through RTDE


We’re using a UR5e with a Robotiq Wrist Camera. All controlled through Python - no teach pendant at all.

All works great (thanks for all the support here!). The only things that we cannot manage to do is get the images from the Robotiq wrist camera.

Robotiq, upon contacting, says that they do not support information passage besides camera-robot. In other words - there is no official way to get Robotiq live feed from the camera.

Is there a way to get the images from the robot through RTDE or otherwise?



Your question is not really related to “ur_rtde”, but I will try to answer. You cannot retrieve images from the Robotiq wrist camera through RTDE, and there is no official way of retrieving an image from the camera externally. However, if you have a look at this post:

You could potentially use the tool communication UR cap, to forward the wrist camera as a virtual serial device to an external PC. Then it might be possible to get the image from that virtual device, I haven’t tried though.

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Thank you!
Appreciate your reply.