Remotely sending an editable program to UR10e

Is it possible to send an URScript program through any of the provided remote connections in such a way that it is editable in the Polyscope and persistent on the disk?

You can send by SFTP a URP program file that contains only a “script” instruction where you have your URScript.
If you need to edit urp from your PC, it’s possible, you have to unzip urp and edit inner XML.
As it is a urp file, polyscope can open and edit it.
This library has features to edit urp and send it by SFTP.

Hi @zbartal ,

If you send a script file over SFTP, it will be editable and persistent. You can then load that into Polyscope using a script code node.

When you load the polyscope program it will display the latest version of the script (if you have updated it remotely), and you can edit it using the Edit button on the script code node.

I don’t see any need to decompress/edit URP XML.