Regulate speed through process, with slider speed with out jerks

Is where a good function to variate speed with out jerks, speed can variate
Have a program where I have a:
going to different coordinates.

Slider speed is different depending on how fast I should do the rest.

It works but it give jerks then I do it, is where a function to put in so it takes the change over a period ?
could off course make a thread to do it.
Is where a better way of doing what ?

Hmm this might be a better question for the technical questions thread/forum but I’ll see if I can take a stab at it, warning someone else from the community may have a better solution.

First off what is the reason for the speed slider change in between the 2 movep’s? You need quick, then slow but you need it to vary somewhere between the two points?

I was thinking it might be best to adjust your accelerations in the movep’s instead but I kind of see where you’re headed (I think).

You might like you said make a thread to change the speed slider by waits() or sleep() and incrementing the value until you reach your desired slider value.

Something else you might want to look into is servoj() in URscript, this has PID control of arm and you can change parameters such as GAIN, TIME, and LOOK AHEAD TIME

Anyways definitely a good “food for thought” question, but hope this helps and best of luck!