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Reference a movable robot

Hey, we have mounted our UR16e on a movable platform, so it is able to dock on at different workstations.

How can I reference the robot to the workstation, when it is docked on?

I tried to use the visual offset tag in combination with the Robotiq WristCam, but unfortunately, that is not precisely enough.

Hope someone can help…
Best wishes

Hi Markus,

You can make all of your moves relative to a custom Feature that is taught on some known corner of the workcell. You can teach new Features by going to Installation->Features and then selecting Plane (a Point feature could also work but planes tend to be a bit more robust). When you go to a new workcell you would simply re-teach the Feature or directly edit it and all the resulting waypoints would snap to the new Feature. There are also UR+ products that have landmarks which will speed the process up and be more repeatable if needed:

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