Reduce program node head space


we are trying to implement our program node UI (swing).

Some questions came up:

  • Is it possible to reduce the gap between the automatically inserted title and our content (see image)?
  • Is it possible to reduce the size of or even remove the automatically inserted title?

We have seen that other program nodes actually did both (reduce gap and title size):

Thank you,

Through the URCap API, there is no way to reduce the size of the title area or the gap underneath. The BuildUI() method provides access to noly the content area that you reference above. The standard UR program nodes have different things displayed at the top as they are made by UR themselves. Any URCaps made using the URCap SDK will not be able to use this area. The exception to this is the now very outdated and old style HTML URCaps. Before the e-series was introduced, URCaps used to use a HTML GUI, rather than Java Swing. These URCaps had access to the whole of the area visible in the command screen if I remember correctly, though these URCaps are now very outdated and no longer supported.

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Alright, we will use it as it is then :slight_smile:

Thank you for fast response :+1: