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Change title in runtime

As the title says, is it possible to change the title in ProgramNodeService in runtime?
changing this title:

Everything in the command window is contained in the HTML file that is returned by the


function in the ProgramNodeService. Take a look there.

The getHTLM() method only takes an html file and returns it as an InputStream, so the html file doesn’t do anything with the title, I suspect that there’s only 1 instance of each program-node service which is getting created by the Activator. Since the activator is handling it we cant change the title or change it easily. This strict title creation is only happening for the program-nodes. If some one found a solution then I will greatly appreciate it, thanks.

Oh I missed the “at runtime” part. You’re right, I asked a very similar question earlier and it seems you can only set the text for elements contained in com.ur.urcap.api.ui.annotation or .component packages, which does not include headers.

The title shown in the top of the program node is static, and directly inherited from the ProgramNodeService.
It is the same name used in the Structure > URCaps tab.
It is not changeable, to give the user a clear linkage between the selected program node, and where to “find it again” in the Structure tab.

This is similar to all program nodes in PolyScope, e.g. the Move node is always named Move, regardless of selection of MoveJ, MoveL or MoveP.

To show t more distinct functionality of the program node, you may change the title in the program tree from the Contribution. Hence, this can be used to show the immediate functionality of this node. E.g. the Set command would show Set DO[2]=Off

Okay that makes sense, I hoped it was possible to mimic the Pallet programming-node, which changes the title according to the chosen pattern, but I will do some alternatives then. Thanks for the explanation.