Random Tip Jitter

I thought I posted this before but I couldn’t find it. I’ve been getting a random jitter on the end of my tool. It happens only occasionally and randomly, and is very hard to duplicate. It seems to be wrist 2 based on the numbers in the move tab. The payload and the COG are as close and accurate as possible. We’re also only dealing with 1kG, so I don’t think we’re pushing the limits of anything.

Hopefully the link to the videos works. I’ve never tried posting a video.

Tip Jitter - GIFs - Imgur

That is weird behavior, I’d recommend getting in touch with your local support team. You can file a service claim on myUR: https://myur.universal-robots.com/ they can check your robot log files to see if Wrist 2 has any unusual activity.

I already had a service person out for a few other things, but wasn’t able to reproduce the jitter at the time. I forwarded them the information, but just wanted to see if anyone else has seen the same problem.